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Turkey-based Codeo is an engineering firm that works with European manufacturers that design and sell highly customized, made-to-order products. Because Codeo specializes in design automation rather than a specific industry, the company works with a wide variety of clients—from playground equipment makers to kiosk builders. Founded in 2017, sustainability is top of mind at Codeo. The 10-person team helps engineer-to-order companies eliminate wasteful processes when it comes to CPQ (configure-price-quote), design, and PDM (product data management). Codeo is also a member of the Autodesk Developer Network, a Certified Partner, Authorized Academic Partner, ISV Partner, and Services Marketplace Provider.



Saving time is critical in the manufacturing industry. The ability to move quickly from design to an actual product is often a company’s key competitive advantage. However, speed can be difficult to achieve when dealing with made-to-order and customer-specific products like playground equipment or kiosks. Selling highly customized products can also be extremely wasteful with time and resources since there isn’t one but rather many design blueprints for each potential product. Designers often create products according to their own visions, with no unifying standards across a manufacturer’s design team. Plus, sales teams can overpromise what’s possible, leaving manufacturers needing a way to keep sales and design teams on the same page with product offerings.

Codeo understood that a key to speedier manufacturing was the automation of the design process. The firm turned to Autodesk Platform Services (APS) to provide its manufacturing customers with a way to standardize and speed the design process, reduce waste, and ultimately streamline sales.

How they solved it with APS

Codeo relies on the powerful Autodesk Platform Services APIs to build 3D-model-based configurators for its manufacturing customers’ websites. These configurators help streamline design processes by enabling end-user-led product customization in minutes.

A design team uploads standard product designs into the Design Automation API and the Model Derivative API generates design models. The APS Viewer API then translates these files into 3D models that the manufacturer’s customers can view and manipulate on web-based browsers to fit their specific needs. The Data Management API powers a desktop application that gives customers an easy way to see all the APS-created design files.

Since the end user can configure to their requirements, manufacturers’ design teams no longer spend countless hours redesigning products from scratch. Codeo’s configurators work on any web browser across devices so Codeo clients need no extra software. Manufacturers can move their catalogs to the web, so they can show customers up-to-date products—including all the technical info and supporting documents—while minimizing their spend on printing materials.

Additionally, sales teams no longer overpromise with impossible product designs. The configurators automatically store technical product specs, helping salespeople build realistic product models free of error. Sales teams can download product designs and share them with customers right through web browsers. The configurator also shows the price of the design, creating transparency, and pushes the project and quote to the manufacturer’s ERP (enterprise resource planning) or CRM (customer relationship management) system, making follow-up easy.

Autodesk Platform Services highlights include the following:

  • Speeds and streamlines the manufacturing design process for highly complex products.
  • Creates 3D web catalogs of customizable products that can be shared with customers.
  • Automates the sales process and creates pricing transparency.

“It can take 70 hours for a senior engineer to redesign the same product. With Autodesk Platform Services, you can get this down to minutes.” — Tolgay Hickiran, Founding Partner, Codeo

“Autodesk Platform Services lets us help automate our clients’ design processes so all designers create a standardized output, which reduces wasted resources—and helps them become more sustainable.” — Kivanc Kizildemir, Founding Partner, Codeo


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