Join the upcoming Autodesk Platform Services Online Bootcamp! 

Online Bootcamp is a hands-on training in the basics of APS development where developer advocates live-code various APS applications and answer your questions as you follow their steps.

The event will take place April 17-20, 2023 (Monday through Thursday).

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APS at Autodesk University

Autodesk University is our flagship event held in the fall in the United States. We've got a ton of great activities planned like Hackathon, Online Bootcamp, Theater Talk, Design Think Workshop, Developer Session, and 30+ classes. 


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Autodesk Experts

Autodesk Platform Services Accelerators. Spend a week with Autodesk Experts.

An Accelerator is a week-long opportunity for developers to work intensively on a chosen project with help, support, and training directly from the Autodesk Platform Services team.

Attend an Accelerator to network with industry experts and peers, exchange ideas, and most importantly; build your proof-of-concept.


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