17 Mar 2021

Meet a Forge SI: BlackSmithSoft

Meet BlackSmithSoft

Forge Systems Integrators were trained by Autodesk experts to provide customers with reliable support resources. These trusted partners have proven track records of helping businesses build software integrations within existing systems, and deploy custom, Forge-powered, cloud-based solutions.


In this first session, I sit down with Chehade "Che" Kassouf, VP of Operations, and Chuck Ferzli, VP of Sales & Marketing, to get to know BlackSmithSoft, a Forge SI based in the Netherlands that caters to general contractors, owners, and project management companies for commercial, infrastructure, and industrial building projects. BlackSmithSoft provides a cloud-based platform that combines all project-essential elements in one place including BIM or 3D models, schedules, bill of quantity, costs, budgets, documents, field progress and dashboard reporting. 


Watch the interview


Stay tuned for more interviews with more Forge Certified Systems Integrators, coming soon!

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Sanjana Chand

Sanjana Chand

Sanjana Chand joined Autodesk in 2018 as the Forge Developer Marketing Manager. For the past 2 years she has been primarily responsible for engaging and growing Autodesk’s developer communities. You may know her as the current host of the Forge Partner Talks webseries. Sanjana came from the world of product marketing within startups, so the fast pace of working with Forge developers & the cloud is nothing new to...