23 Jan 2019

Issues and Checklist APIs added to the BIM 360 API Suite

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If you currently have a Forge subscription that gives you access to the BIM 360 API suite, you also have access to 2 brand new BIM 360 APIs that are now available: Issues and Checklists.


Issues API

The BIM 360 Issues API creates, tracks and updates issues. An "issue" is an item that is created in BIM 360 for tracking, managing, and communicating problems and other points of concern through to resolution. 

Some of the things you can do with the Issues API:

  • Create, update and track project-related BIM 360 issues
  • Create, update and track document-related (pushpin) BIM 360 issues (see gif below)
  • Add and update comments for issues
  • Add and delete attachments for issues



Click here for an example of rendering and creating pushpin issues.

For documentation on the Issues API, click here


Checklists API

The BIM 360 Checklists API tracks information about a project's checklists and checklist templates.

With the Checklists API, you can:

  • Track and analyze the progress of a checklist
  • Filter and sort checklists and checklist templates
  • Retrieve detailed information about a checklist's items, sections and attachments
  • Download checklist attachments

See the documentation for more information.


For more information on BIM 360 APIs, check out the Developer's Guide.



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