20 Aug 2021

Information to Autodesk Resellers

Autodesk Forge and Autodesk Resellers

This article gives you information on how Forge subscription and Cloud credits are sold to customers and the role of Autodesk resellers.

Autodesk Forge has two components - access to Forge services (subscription), and Forge services usage (cloud credits).
Forge subscription will provide you with access to Forge services and the cloud credits will be used when you use the Forge services.

Autodesk Forge subscription

Autodesk Forge is an annual subscription and is sold directly by Autodesk. The customers must contact Autodesk to purchase/renew their Forge subscription.

Autodesk Resellers cannot sell Forge subscriptions or cannot purchase Forge subscriptions on behalf of the customers.

Cloud Credits:

There is confusion around cloud credits. The resellers/Customers think Forge cloud credits are separate from regular cloud credits. This is not the case. The cloud credits are the same, but the cloud credits must be included in the Forge subscription contract to access Forge services.

For example: if you have cloud credits under a Fusion subscription contract, you can use those cloud credits to access Fusion 360 services only, and not for Forge services. To access Forge services, you must have a separate Forge subscription contract and cloud credits under the Forge subscription contract.

Please note that purchasing only cloud credits without a Forge subscription will not provide access to the Forge services to the customers.

How to purchase cloud credits for Forge usage:

As mentioned above, the customers must purchase their Forge subscription first from Autodesk.

The customers can purchase additional cloud credits directly from Autodesk or through Autodesk resellers.
The resellers can process the cloud credits as they would process any other products in the partner center. The cloud credits must be processed against the Forge subscription contract.

The cloud credit packs SKUs are available on the resellers/partners pricing list.

For any questions please feel free to contact us at Forge Orders forge.orders@autodesk.com


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