8 Mar 2021

DevDays Online 2021 recordings

The recordings from the DevDays Online 2021 webinar series are now available! If you weren't able to catch the webinars live, you can watch them at your leisure below. Please note, these webinars were free to everyone. If you're looking for the sessions open to ADN members, you can find them below, or log in to the Autodesk Developers Network, or learn more about how to become a member.


DevDays Keynote

Jim Quanci, Senior Director for Developer Advocacy & Support, kicks off our DevDays online webinar series with a "state of the union" presentation on Autodesk’s strategic direction—including the latest news for desktop developers, the growth of Autodesk’s cloud-based business, Forge strategy, the Autodesk App Store, and more.

Watch the recording


Forge API update

Tune in to this update from Augusto Goncalves, Forge Advocate Manager, to learn about all the new and updated APIs added to the Forge platform during the last year, in detail.

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Autodesk Construction Cloud and API update

Join Mikako Harada, AEC Technical Lead, to hear the latest news about the Autodesk Construction Cloud unified products and learn about its APIs. We’ll also talk about recent BIM 360 API additions and enhancements.

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Autodesk Developer Network sessions

AutoCAD API update

Madhukar Moogala, Forge Developer Advocate, shares API changes in the newest release of AutoCAD.

Watch the recording


Civil 3D update

Join Augusto Goncalves, Forge Developer Advocate Manager, as he talks through the updates and enhancements for Civil 3D.

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Revit API update

Sasha Crotty, Senior Product Manager for Revit Platform and Services, shares the newest additions to the Revit API.

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Inventor, Vault, and Fusion API updates

Join Kevin Vandecar, MFG ADN Developer Technical Services Manager, and learn all about the newest enhancements to the Inventor, Vault, and Fusion APIs.

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For previous DevDays recordings, check out last year's webinars.




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