10 Dec 2021

Consolidating ACC compatible RFI API endpoints to /bim360/

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A small announcement to make. If you are actively using RFI API (currently in beta) with /construction/ in the endpoints, this will affect your application.  

RFI team is planning to consolidate Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) compatible /construction/ version of RFI API (beta) to /bim360/. Currently we have two versions of endpoints for same purpose for RFI API: /construction/ and /bim360/. For example, to GET rfis, we have the following two forms: 

As you might have heard during some of presentations, they both point to the same backend. 

If you are using /construction/ version of RFI API endpoints, please switch to /bim360/ version as soon as possible. /bim360/ version of endpoints that are listed as compatible to ACC should work for both ACC and BIM 360. 

/construction/ version of RFI API endpoints is expected to cease by September 1st next year. If you have any questions and concerns, feel free to contact forge.help@autodesk.com 

Updated July 6, 2022: deprecation date updated as September 1st, 2022.  

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