20 Jun 2022

APS Coffee Break Sessions

What is the APS coffee break?

Our virtual coffee chats with Autodesk Platform Services developers are meant to provide a space similar to what you would find in the office: get together in the "kitchen" to catch up on what other teams are doing, share some ideas and, of course, grab a coffee to help get you ready for the day. It is a great space to share articles, ideas, code or simply discuss the weather forecast for the upcoming weekend... 


How did the coffee break start?

This experiment, coffee break sessions, initially stemmed from our virtual Accelerator events. The Accelerator program allows developers to work intensively on a project, with easy access to assistance from the Autodesk Platform Services team whenever needed. Based on the great conversations being had, we thought of the coffee chat sessions as a way of creating more opportunities to collaborate directly with us.


What help is available at the coffee break?

Our team has a wide range of expertise in the services, regardless of the stage you are at in the process. Whether you need help selecting the right API, using a specific feature of the tool or bringing forth new potential capabilities, the team is here to listen and assist you. 

It turns out there are so many other developers out there, all eager to share their expertise and help you achieve your goals.


Join the next APS coffee break

Let's get together and talk about what's new, what's coming, and have a good cup of coffee along the way.  

Any requirements? 

Yes, you’re going to need to bring a coffee mug. 

Where to sign up? 

Link below.



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