Patrik Chartrand

Founder & CEO, DASBox Inc.

Born with Lego bricks in his hands, Pat has a highly creative mind keen about solving puzzles and finding practical solutions to complex problems.

His higher education took him to the best aeronautical universities in the USA. He holds a Commercial Pilots License, and 2 associate degrees in Aeronautical Engineering, and Aeronautical Law.

He holds the title of First Certified Expert in the world on the Autodesk Inventor, the flagship product solution of the Manufacturing Sector Division of Autodesk.

As a regular speaker in multiple world class events such as Autodesk University, RAPID, COFES, DARATECH, and such, Pat is a renowned know-it-all of the manufacturing industry.

As a member of the Mensa Society, Pat now works at solving practical issues related to the manufacturing sector.  For the past 18 years, he as devoted himself to CAD rooms across the continent helping manufacturing companies become more efficient and more productive.

His entrepreneurship made him launch a few high tech companies dedicated in creating problem solving software in the manufacturing realm, as well as in the emerging Internet Of Things arena.

Even with its impressive background and credential, Pat is a down to earth, practical, and easy going individual. Loving father of 3 kids and self-taught musician, he likes fixing up old musical instruments to give them a new life, while preserving the existing soul of the object.

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