Lucas Wang


Love early stage business development and entrepreneurship, spent 10+ years in both sides. Up to recent, I only focus on tech related spaces and am familiar with wireless applications specially. Good at new biz, but not sales, seizing right opportunities and then be able to start from scratch to a matured operation. Being a venture partner for 7 years and another 5 years in new initiations/startups related business. HWTrek is the latest innovation, an ecosystem for hardware creators

Found TMI ( to incubate and invest in Internet/Mobile startups in Taiwan since early 2012. And, now, evolving from incubation, we help worldwide startups to build HARDWARE by a SaaS combined network of tech professionals online! Check it out here:, a trusted hardware innovation platform aims to accelerate the development of hardware projects. HWTrek creates an end to end ecosystem from prototyping to mass production partners which hardware creators could find the seamless support of “build to deliver”.

Personal Experience

– 3 years of Internet focused incubator/accelerator operation

– 5 years in Wireless telecom ODM company for business development and the director of RFID division.

– 7 years in a China focused US venture fund @ Beijing and Taiwan, starting from Senior associate, Principal to Partner, taking care of TMT, or technology embedded industries, 2 Nasdaq IPOs.

– A co-investment partner in Kai-Fu Lee’s new venture, Innovation Works ( since early 2010. Internet/mobile business investment review and business development.

– Well US trained, In-depth Taiwan IT experience, China market/network established.

– Good at Venture/strategy investment in tech related fields, also, capable of new business development and execution.

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