Gopinath Taget

Gopinath is a member of the Autodesk Developer Technical Services Team. He has been working on CAD and GIS platforms and APIs since 1999 and specifically on Autodesk CAD and GIS platforms since 2004. He has extensive experience developing and supporting AutoCAD® APIs, including ObjectARX®, Microsoft® .NET, VBA and LISP.

Gopinath also has several years of experience in software development on other CAD platforms, including MicroStation®, SolidWorks®, and CATIA mainly using C++ and technologies such as MFC and COM. Gopinath was also involved in the development of web-based applications for Autodesk® MapGuide® and AutoCAD Map. Gopinath has master’s degrees in civil engineering and software systems.

Currently, Gopinath is investigating and working on the exciting new trends in cloud computing and how it impacts the CAD industry.

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