Fernando Malard

Chief Technology Officer, OFCDesk

Fernando Malard is a civil engineer who has worked with AutoCAD software and ObjectARX technology since 1996 and with Revit software since 2009. He has also been an Autodesk Developer Network member since 1997. He has worked on several AutoCAD and Revit applications for civil engineering, architecture, interior design, and geographic information system (GIS) using ObjectARX technology, C++, Microsoft .NET, JavaScript, Cocoa, and databases. Fernando has had extensive experience teaching AutoCAD, Revit, C++, Microsoft Foundation Class, Microsoft .NET, and ObjectARX technology over the last years. Today he continues to apply his skills to the design and implementation of complex Industry Solutions on desktop, web and cloud environments. Fernando has also worked with Autodesk User Group International (AUGI) communities, and he maintains a blog about ObjectARX technology. He holds a master’s degree in structural engineering from the Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

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