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SheetMetal Inventor extends the functionality of Autodesk® Inventor® with commands specifically tailored for sheet metal fabricators.

When creating sheet metal designs, the software factors in not only the material and sheet thickness, but also the laser, punching and bending machines that will be used to manufacture the designed part. These parameters flow into calculations, e.g., for bend deductions and bend radii, thus ensuring that even the most complex designs can be easily unfolded, and that the flat pattern is ready for manufacturing with minimal pre-production work.

The software offers a variety of output formats for the leading control systems and NC programs. By default, designs can be exported in DXF and Inventor drawing formats. This functionality can be extended with specialized CAM interfaces that enable, among others, output in the GEO format.


  • Reduce design errors and save up to 80% of design time with sheet metal-specific commands and calculations.
  • Minimize pre-production workload with the help of the SPI unfolding algorithm, that delivers production-ready flat patterns.
  • Seamlessly link design and manufacturing with output formats for numerous CAM applications and CNC machines.

App details


In-window integration with Autodesk® Inventor®. In addition, SPI SheetMetal for Inventor can open Inventor native data files with full associativity.


Autodesk® Inventor® 2024
Autodesk® Inventor® 2023
Autodesk® Inventor® 2022
Autodesk® Inventor® 2021
Autodesk® Inventor® 2020

Target industries

Industrial machinery | Contract manufacturing | Miscellaneous fabricated metal products


English | German | On demand languages


EMEA | Americas | Asia Pacific

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About SPI

SPI is a leading developer of 3D solutions for the sheet metal industry. A long experience in business, a multitude of installed systems and the development of new products justify the good reputation, which SPI enjoys for more than 35 years as a qualified CAD provider.

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