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SAP PLM Interface to Autodesk® Inventor®

Autodesk certified app

Integrate your Inventor® product data into a single version of the truth

The availability of highly efficient integrations of CAD is a critical feature of PLM systems. Thanks to the integration between Autodesk® Inventor® and SAP, assemblies, parts including their model states and drawings are seamlessly managed as structures in SAP PLM. All authorized users have access to the originals stored in a central, secure area (single version of the truth) to monitor the development process or make changes. This eliminates redundant process steps.

The CIDEON SAP PLM Interface to Inventor® makes Inventor® design data available to the company at an early stage, when Product Lifecycle Management begins in the product development process. Direct coupling of CAD systems with SAP allows convenient management of data generated in CAD systems. Thus the information in the SAP ERP/PLM system is consistently available to all CAD and non-CAD users.


  • One User Interface to manage the Inventor® data in SAP: automated SAP object creation (SAP Documents, Materials and Bill of Materials) for simple data processing makes engineer’s life easier
  • Coordinated access to CAD objects: versioning and status management for simultaneous work by multiple users (concurrent engineering) prevent inconsistencies or data loss
  • Reduce redundant workflows: all authorized users can follow the development process or have access to the Inventor data (originals or converted files), stored in a central secure storage area

    App details


    SAP PLM functions are directly embedded in
    Inventor®—the familiar work environment of
    design engineers—via the “SAP Menu”, or
    accessed via the structural views in SAP CAD
    Desktop. Additional information windows
    display immediate SAP object and process
    information in Inventor®.


    Autodesk® Inventor® Professional 2024
    Autodesk® Inventor® Professional 2023
    Autodesk® Inventor® Professional 2022
    Autodesk® Inventor® Professional 2021
    Autodesk® Inventor® Professional 2020

    Target industries

    Mechanical engineering | Construction and operations | Industrial machinery


    English | German | On demand languages



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